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Today is the day to reach out and lend a helping hand


Even the smallest of donations can help change a life


Become a volunteer. You’ll feel the benefits instantly


Fundraising Plans

Organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need

Help a Child

All Children are Gifted. They just open their packages at different times in different ways.

Who We Are

Fundraising Community

The annual budget for Children’s Developmental Center is increased by 25% through grants, donations, and our fundraising events.  These additional funds afford us the ability to purchase specialized equipment, offer more services, and help more children in our community.

Here is a video of a little boy, named Billy with Downs who was not walking when he first starting receiving services at Children’s Developmental Center. The baby treadmill was a grant from Downs Syndrome Association of Mid-Columbia. The walkers and special tricycles were purchased through fundraising dollars.  Just watch the video of Billy so learn the value of your donations.