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Family Resource Coordinators

Family Resource Coordinators

When a child is referred to the Early Support for Infant and Toddlers program, more commonly known as “Birth to Three,” their first contact with a Children’s Developmental Center staff member is with a Family Resource Coordinator.

  • The Family Resources Coordinator or “FRC” is usually one of the first persons to meet with a family who may have a concern for their child’s development.
  • The FRC extends a welcoming hand and voice to a concerned family. They listen carefully to the family’s concerns, priorities,  and dreams.
  • The FRC comes alongside families to explore the resources they already have and what resources they may need, in order to meet their child’s unique developmental goals. 
  • FRC’s help families feel that their concerns are truly heard and know that they have a specific person to talk with, guide them, answer their questions, and provide ongoing assistance as needed. With this support, families begin to feel successful in meeting their child’s needs, and helping them grow and develop.
“I know we have all faced quite a bit of challenge due to COVID and have had to be creative. But I hope you and your team know that your creative efforts to continue servicing my child under the circumstances have been much appreciated. Between your efforts in personally dropping off paperwork, developmentally appropriate toys, the trampoline and sending articles, I have felt very blessed.”

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