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Dear Friends,

One of our biggest goals this year was to hire and retain a new Physical Therapist for our Pediatric Pelvic Health program. The Pediatric Pelvic Health program has seen consistent growth since its start more than 10 years ago. Currently, we carry a caseload of about 40 kids, with only 30 available appointments a month. This program was started by Laura McGuckin in 2011 and is now being transitioned to newly hired Physical Therapist, Breanna Wheeler.

Pediatric urinary incontinence refers to the daytime or nighttime loss of bladder control in children (though incontinence occurs in adults too). The cause of incontinence varies from child to child. Surprisingly, 8 out of 10 kids who are treated for urinary incontinence have an untreated constipation issue due to having uncoordinated pelvic floor muscles, a fiber deficient diet, not drinking enough water, poor toileting habits, or a combination of it all.

During appointments, Breanna focuses on teaching the child how to identify and coordinate their pelvic floor muscles, exercises for breathing and strengthening and activities for them to become more aware of how their bodies work. Treatment for urinary incontinence varies from child to child and with your help, we can continue treating, educating, and supporting families who are dealing with this special need.

So, let’s journey back to 5th-grade…. Imagine your teacher standing before you and surrounded by your classmates during a lesson. You’re there, trying your best to pay attention, but it’s a struggle because your body is not functioning the way it should. 

This is the reality for many children who deal with some form of urinary incontinence, and without treatment, it could lead to a lifetime of physical and emotional pain and discomfort. This is the case for Ava, who is treated at The Center by Laura and Breanna.

We’ve been on this journey since 2020. Before coming to the Center, no one would listen, and they kept pushing medicine on us. They didn’t believe us. I know it was hard for doctors at the time to really explain what was going on. Through this therapy at the Center, she can finally use the restroom and she doesn’t struggle. She’s no longer in pain like she used to be” – Sherrie, Ava’s Mother

“The people here are very nice, and it helps you a lot, it improves you a lot. That is what happened to me. I used to have lots of stomachaches, and I would always get bloated. Now, I do not have as many stomachaches and I’m not as bloated. It’s a great journey.” – Ava, age 10

In addition to urinary incontinence, our Pediatric Pelvic Health program also treats pelvic pain, constipation, recurrent UTI’s, and fecal incontinence. Your contributions will help us bridge the funding gap and continue providing essential care to these children. Insurance only covers 40% of the cost of treatment. Patients either pay out of pocket or with Medicaid, and the Medicaid reimbursement rate is significantly low. A lot of patients began noticing a difference after the first appointment, and most usually need only 6-8 appointments to see lasting change. Together, we can ensure that our children won’t be turned away due to financial limitations.

Your support is the key to making a difference in the lives of these children, which is why I am asking you to consider giving a gift to the Children’s Developmental Center. $225 will cover the cost of a single appointment, $1,350 covers the cost of six appointments. A gift of your choosing ensures that our shared goal of having a community of empowered families and successful children becomes a reality. 

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February 3, 2024 – Wine Fete (Dinner & Auction)

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