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About Us


Our mission is to empower families and improve children’s lives through comprehensive early intervention services, education, and therapeutic services.



A community of empowered families and successful children.


Investing in the early years…
Many children begin life with a delay in one or more areas of their development;  social/emotional, cognitive/adaptive, speech/language, or fine/gross motor.  Licensed and certified early intervention specialists at the Children’s Developmental Center are available to assist families in helping their children reach their full potential. Improving the early learning experiences of eligible children enhances the chance for their success in school and in life. 

In other words, we help prepare infants and toddlers with special needs… for life.


  • Compassion
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Support
  • Flexibility 

2% of babies

are born with developmental disabilities.

1 in 800 children

is born with Down syndrome.

17% of children

have some type of developmental delay.

10% of newborns

have prenatal substance exposure.

85% of development

happens within the first three years of a child's life.

1 in 88 children

is diagnosed with autism.


In 1977, a family with a special-needs child in Kennewick, WA opened their home to provide early intervention services to other children and families in need of services. In those early years of the Children’s Developmental Center (The Center), no transportation was available and there was only enough funding to serve 43 children per month with motor, speech, and educational services. After several relocations throughout the Tri-Cities, including a bank building in Pasco, the community rallied behind the Center in 1999 to raise funds and in-kind donations to build its current facility. 

The Children’s Developmental Center employs highly skilled, professional staff including educators, occupational, speech, and physical therapists, family resource coordinators, and behavior therapists to guide, educate, coach and support children and families to help them reach their full potential. 

Today, more than 96% of services are provided in natural learning environments which could be the child’s home, daycare, a park, the library, etc. Providing services in the natural environment allow service providers the opportunity to use toys and materials already on hand and gives parents and siblings the opportunity to participate in learning. 

The Children’s Developmental Center is a nonprofit organization with three operational programs. Early Support for Infants and Toddlers (ESIT), our largest program, assists infants from birth to three years old who have developmental delays. The ESIT program provides services throughout our area in Benton and Franklin counties. The Pediatric Pelvic Health program serves children 2-16 years of age with an incontinence related diagnosis. And our Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) program provides behavioral therapy to children with an autism diagnosis ages 2-6. Our work is supported by individuals, businesses, foundations, and local service clubs. 

Our desire is to be the recognized leader in neuro-developmental services, creating a community of empowered families and successful children. 

Meet the Directors

The strategic leadership of Children’s Developmental Center is provided by a group of highly dedicated volunteers providing a depth of collective knowledge. We are honored to have such a devoted board of directors.

Board of Directors

  • Julie Lindstrom
  • Claudia Lara
  • Ruben Mendoza
  • Raymond Swenson
  • Connie Ostrander
  • ReNae Pilgrim
  • Molly Connors 
  • Shasta Meyers
  • Meiske Millward

Zahra Roach, Executive Director & Ex Officio

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