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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps children to be successful in their activities of daily living. Activities of daily living for a young child include playing, moving, engaging with others, and learning.

“When my child first began services, he hadn’t been walking for very long and struggled to keep his balance. One hip was noticeably off kilter, and he walked in an imbalanced way. Today, he enjoys running all over the playground chasing friends, and climbing the kid’s ‘rock wall’ WITH NO HELP NOW! Thank you so much!”

The major areas commonly addressed are:

Gross Motor Skills

The ability to use large muscles of arms, legs, and torso for balance and coordination for rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, and jumping.

Fine Motor Skills

The ability to use the small muscles in our hands to reach, grasp and play with toys.

Adaptive/Self-Help Skills

Improving oral motor skills for feeding. Assisting the child to learn to be more independent and/or helping make adaptations so that your child can be as independent as possible.

Sensory Integration/Self-Regulation

Helping your child organize their sensory systems to learn, play, interact, and sleep.
“Kellee’s recent suggestions to set up a home obstacle course to continue supporting motor development has been a blast for my child! And I’m seeing him get more confident each time we do it. Sam’s guidance on areas such as supporting healthy sleep routines, providing certain types of puzzles, and teaching certain math concepts has already made some difference for us. Tonight, he was able to put 3 cars in a pile when I asked him to show me 3! Thank you and your team for all you do!”

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